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International Business Consulting

WAY-IN offers strategic, international business consulting and helps you reach your corporate goals.

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Network Partners

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark

Global development and cooperation through trade offices and innovation centres.

Væksthusene/Business Link Centres

In-depth sparring on financing, management, sales, marketing, and internationalization.

Innovation House China-Denmark

Know-how, network, lean landing, and events on China-Denmark cross culture business ventures.

Legal Affairs and Assistance

Our legal partner assists in matters of intellectual property law, trade agreements, contracts, litigation, and more.

AddMore Communications

Content marketing, graphic design, and high ROI for businesses all over the world.

Eksport Kredit Fonden

The export credit fund is a strong partner in international financing, sales, and security for Danish exporters.


Nationwide network offering professional business development for entrepreneurs with growth potential and ambitions.


With Beierholm state authorized public accountants, we’ve got you covered in accounting and business start-up.

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Business development and BRC certification

Primoreels A/S

Successful market penetration in Norway

Apport Systems A/S

Contract consulting for IT services in the building industry

K-Jacobsen A/S

Sparring partner and panellist in nationwide business network


Core services

Market Penetration

With strategic business plans, carefully selected sales channels, and communication strategies, WAY-IN ensures your company takes the right approach to entering new markets.

Product launch

If you wish to introduce new products to new or existing markets, WAY-IN will help you create a solid value proposition that separates your offer from the competitors.

Sales optimization

WAY-IN uncovers improvements in your sales channels and company profile, to ensure you communicate and sell through the right channels and fulfil your true potential.


WAY-IN offers ad hoc as well as on-going management sparring to small and medium-sized companies, contributing and making sure projects go beyond the desk drawer.


WAY-IN helps you identify efficient market opportunities and establish contact to global companies that can increase your bottom line both at home and abroad.

B2B Matchmaking

Many start-ups and SME’s find themselves in need of strategic, operational or financial partners in order to take their business ideas to the next level. WAY-IN represents a large professional network of businesses within most sectors in Denmark and internationally. We offer to share this network with you and your company by facilitating B2B matchmaking.


Martin from WAY-IN is a highly skilled person who is a great communicator, and with a great feel of people across cultures. He has a great analytical sense, and he will for sure be a bonus for any company looking to nurse existing customers and relations as well as doing international business development. I hereby pass on my best recommendations for Martin Amdi Pedersen.

Henrik Sahlberg

Managing Director, Primoreels A/S

Martin from WAY-IN has helped me several times in connection with reconciliation and contact creation to potential leads in the Norwegian market, in relation to our products and services. Martin’s work for us has been characterized by a professional approach to things, a very dedicated effort and extremely satisfactory results. I give Martin my warmest recommendations.

Asger Sandberg Petersen

Salgsdirektør, Apport Systems A/S

During my 2.5 years at the Embassy of Denmark in Stockholm, I have had a close and excellent cooperation with Mr. Martin Amdi Pedersen at the Embassy of Denmark in Oslo. Together, we have worked on many projects assisting Danish companies in expanding their exports to the markets in Sweden and Norway. Due to this close dialogue and cooperation, I am able to say that Martin is not only an excellent, sought-after colleague but also a major driving force behind many success stories of Danish companies exporting to Norway (as well as other markets).

Daniel Skavén Ruben

Embassy of Denmark in Stockholm
WAY-IN is an international business consulting firm offering strategic advice in relation to market penetrations, product introductions, sales optimization, management sparring, and internationalization.

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Martin Amdi Pedersen, CEO
Direct E-mail: map@way-in.dk

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Phone: (+45) 2680 4715
E-mail: info@way-in.dk
Website: www.way-in.dk

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